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Student Hub

As you begin to decide what you want to do "when you grow up" you will face a lot of career options and choices as you prepare yourself for the work world.

Some students have a lifelong dream of being doctors, police officers, teachers or race car drivers. Others aren't so sure what exactly they want out of life.

But its always good to start with the base questions for yourself.

1. Do you want a career that keeps you interested and challenged?

2. Do you want to work with not only your hands, but also your mind?

3. Do you want a career that provides stability and financial growth for yourself down the road without the years of schooling, student debt and/or long office hours?

If your thinking "YES! That's exactly what I want!"
- Then why not take a look at some of the most common and overlooked careers? There are fantastic opportunties right here in WNY in the manufacturing industry!

As the manufacturing industry begins to positively boom again - it also is facing a negative change. A lack of skilled workers - ones who can use their head (utilizing their STEM skills) - and their hands together.

The baby boomers generation is phasing out- and because of the negative stereotypes our industry receives- not many of the next generation is stepping up to the plate to take over the ample work & achievements the last workers made over the last 100 years.


Imagine a career where your work produces something tangible, something one can pick up and admire! And then it is passed on to become part of something that makes things stop and go, fly or fall and even saves lives! The possibilities are limitless!

According to some economists, manufacturing is a wealth-producing sector of any given economy. The latest emerging technologies have provided much new growth in advanced manufacturing employment opportunities. Manufacturing also, provides important material support for national security and defense as well as driving the United State's competitiveness in foreign markets.

We encourage you come to our plant for an in depth tour of our facility as well as the ability to talk one on one with our machinists about the benefits, challenges and rewards of a career in our field.

We want to pull back the curtain and show you "behind the scenes" of a modern manufacturing facility! We are excited when students and teachers come in and ask questions, because it gives us the chance to put certain stereotypes to rest, as well as help you make an informed decision about a career path that you may once never considered.

Along with our plant tour, we now offer internships where students come into work side by side with our machinists. You delve into the world of machining and learn to read blueprints, measure, use our computer systems and build your own knowledge and know-how-to skills that you can apply in many other fields.

As you browse around our site - we hope it opens your world up to the endless opportunities this industry presents - and you get a glimpse of how far and technologically advanced modern manufacturing has come, since the "old days" when our grandfathers and fathers worked in dirty and unsafe job shops.

A career in the manufacturing industry daily consists of computers, lasers, mathematical as well as visual skills and the challenges and rewards are plenty!

So stop on over, take a tour and help us continue to move the world of modern manufacturing forward!




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